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What to Expect at Nafziger Family Chiropractic

New patients often remark how “relaxing” our office is. Here at Nafziger Family Chiropractic we realize that convenience and comfort are important when researching chiropractors in Archbold, that’s why it is our goal to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable surrounding, and convenient location.

New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them with you to your first visit:

New Patient Form

Case History Form

Your First Visit

We make your first visit as easy as possible and on average takes about 45 minutes. You’ll be greeted by name when you enter our chiropractic office and given a short tour to get you acquainted with our facilities. One of our staff members will explain your paperwork and allow you a few minutes to fill it out before you meet Dr. Nafziger. For your convenience you can also fill out your paperwork in the comfort of your own home and bring them in with you to your appointment, by downloading them from the right.

After you meet Dr. Randy, you will immediately see why he’s different than most chiropractors in Archbold. He will talk with you about your health concerns and take a detailed history of your health issues to help determine if yours is a chiropractic case. We like to think that we are good listeners… and we always encourage you to ask lots of questions.

Chiropractic Examination

Dr. Nafziger  adjusting patient

Next, you will have a complete exam that will include special tests. These tests help determine where your problem areas might be and how the doctor will address them. The tests may include:

  • static palpation - feeling the bones in your spine for tenderness, swelling and other abnormalities
  • motion palpation - bending your spine to look for signs of fixation
  • instrumentation - which involves running a nervoscope down your spine to locate areas of swelling. The nervoscope feels like two fingers gliding down your spine. It detects heat, which is an indication of swelling.

These tests, in addition to others, help the doctor determine if yours is a chiropractic case… and if he can help you.

X-rays (if needed)

Discussing the X-ray results to patientThen, if necessary, weight bearing (standing) x-rays will be taken. X-rays are taken for several reasons. These include:

  • To determine the condition of the discs (the cushions between the vertebrae in your spine)
  • To determine the phases of degeneration
  • To locate potential problem areas, misalignments
  • To rule out other pathologies (diseases)

To see is to know! Not to see is to guess. We do not want to guess when it comes to your health.

In most cases, Dr. Randy will perform an initial spinal adjustment after reviewing the x-rays.

What Our Patients Say

  • Very friendly place, they make you feel welcome especially the front desk staff.

    - Kim H.
  • Staff did a great job. Thank you all for your quality service!

    - Etta M.
  • My first visit ever to a chiropractor and it went great. I was in a lot of back pain and Dr Nafziger took the time to explain all parts of the care I would be receiving. After my treatment, I was already feeling less pain. Confident that he will be able to help me feel so much better.

    - Mary Beth G.
  • Great job team! I found my new chiropractor with you.

    - Jeremy A.
  • Every procedure was thoroughly explained. This was my first experience with chiropractic therapy.

    - James G.
  • Very encouraged after consultation and treatment.

    - Mary R.
  • Dr Nafziger is very professional, soft spoken and kind. He puts me at ease.

    - Rachel S.
  • Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. I appreciate being able to get an appointment the same day calling.

    - David E.
  • I am so thankful to have found your practice. I am really looking forward to being a patient and bringing my family here.

    - Leighann E.
  • Why did I wait so long to get relief…my first visit exceeded my expectations! Thank you Dr Nafziger!

    - Sandy T.
  • I’m so happy to have found this practice!!

    - Joanne P.
  • I feel better so much better after one visit. And, am looking forward to my next adjustment in a couple of days!

    - Margo B.
  • Friendly and welcoming staff!!! I felt so comfortable bringing my 4 month old son to Dr. Nafziger!

    - Emily S.
  • My fear of being “adjusted” was eliminated!!

    - Susan S.
  • I appreciate the help and care. I look forward to a long term relationship.

    - John S.

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